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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: May 20, 2020

In today's entry, we'll answer some questions that our clients usually ask before getting started with their offshore team.

Q: What is offshore staffing and how is it different from outsourcing?

A: Outsourcing is assigning a certain function of your business to a company. Usually outsourcing is limited to a certain aspect of business such as Marketing or Finance. Offshore staffing on the other hand is hiring direct employees from another country with a lower cost of living thus effectively lowering the cost of employment. In offshore staffing, you are still in control regarding the day-to-day of the offshore team as well as what specific tasks they are going to do for your business. The offshore team will report directly to you while the management team of 1625 Tech will focus on ensuring that your offshore team keeps on functioning by handling the employment tasks such as recruitment, payroll, HR, coaching/mentoring, etc.

Q: What tasks can I assign to my offshore team?

A: You can pretty much assign any task to your offshore team. Before starting the work, the 1625Tech Business Development team will align with you on which tasks and functions you want to offload on yourself or your current team. From there, we'll source talent that fits your requirements and budget to join your offshore team. We have a portfolio of job functions that you can choose from but if there are specialized functions that you would need, we'll work with you to draft a job description for your needs.

Q: Is there a limit on the size of the team that I can get in offshore staffing?

A: No, you can add as many members you need in your offshore team. Since we are working with you to ensure the growth of your business, we'll support your team with supervisors and other essential services. As your business grows, you may add as many new team members with different functions as you want. Similarly, if there are certain members of your team that you are unhappy with, we'll work with you to resolve the issues and make changes to your offshore team.

Q: Why do I need offshore staffing when I can hire directly here?

A: Labor costs for specific tasks in countries like Australia and the United States are expensive due to the high cost of living in those countries. For example, a Social Media Manager would be in the range of $70,000 to $80,000 per year. For that same price, you could already build a whole offshore team in countries like the Philippines where labor costs are much more affordable due to the low cost of living. Imagine having a team composed of a Social Media Manager, a Virtual Assistant, and a Project Manager who are working tirelessly with you to grow your business.

Furthermore, at 1625Tech we'll make sure that we'll assign a Business Consultant/Team Leader to your offshore team so that we could ensure that your team is working as one to realise the targets that you have set for them. Depending on the depth and scale of your team, we can also make shared services such as copywriting or graphic design available to your team when needed.

So in fact, you're getting more people to work with you on your business compared to hiring a single individual directly.

Q: How much is offshore staffing going to cost me?

A: We know every business is unique so it's hard to put an exact number on the cost of building an offshore team. More often than not, the cost of having an offshore team composed of a number of people would not be more than the cost of hiring one person locally. Contact us through our website and we'll ask one of our Business Development Managers to connect with you, understand your business and objectives, then provide a plan for you in building your offshore team with us.

Q: How will I pay for my offshore team?

A: We make it easy for our clients to pay for their offshore team by having bank accounts in Australia, United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom where you can make a local fund transfer straight from your bank. If you would prefer to pay using your credit/debit card, we can set-up a monthly recurring invoice and auto-charge the bill so you wouldn't have to think about it every month. Just let our team know which is the most convenient way for you and we'll make sure that there's a facility to accommodate you.

Q: How will I make sure that my team is being productive since we're not in the same office?

A: 1625Tech Management Team will assign a Business Consultant/Team Leader directly handling your team and will be constantly updating you on a weekly basis. Whether your team is working remotely or in our office space, the Team Leader will ensure that every member of your team is working productively to ensure that the team is meeting your targets and helping you rapidly expand your business. Should you require it, we can also equip you with online tools that can help you monitor the activity of your team.

Q: What will the process be in building an offshore team?

A: Once you let us know that you want to build an offshore team with us, our Business Development Manager will connect with you to understand your business and your manpower requirements. Once we have those information, our HR Team will start sourcing candidates that match your requirements. We'll shortlist qualified candidates and recommended which ones match your needs. You'll be the one to conduct the final interviews and select which individuals you would want to hire on your offshore team. It would take roughly 30 days for us to complete your team. 1625Tech will then assign a Business Consultant/Team Leader to your team who will be responsible in making sure that your team works towards meeting and exceeding your targets.

If you're ready to build your offshore team with us, contact us through and we'll ask our team to get in touch with you and start building your dreams with us.

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