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In our previous articles, we’ve talked about how business thrive against the pandemic and how to come out stronger after all these have passed. In both articles, we have touched on one very important factor: GOING ONLINE.


The digital world has been knocking on our doors for years and years and yet we have not fully opened to the possibility of it, until now. Covid19 has forced our hands into fully incorporating the digital platform in our businesses.


Everyone is online


This is something we no longer need to debate about. All around the world, there is one clear message: #StayAtHome. If you are home all the time, being online is what connects everyone to the world outside the four corners of their home. Everything is done online, if you can think it, it can be done. 


Following one rule in making your business work:  be visible where your customers are. So it goes without saying, that online is where you should be at.


Owning your digital space

May it be your own website or a social media page, that online presence serves as your very own store in the digital world. You need to lead all your digital footprints back to a place where you can call “home”. This is where you communicate everything about your brand, your product, your service and basically, everything about you.

However, we also have to consider credibility online, and this is where having your own personal website comes in handy. As you may know, everyone can create a social media page, for as long as you have details, boom! a social media page is created. On the other hand, online audiences perceive legitimacy and credibility with a webpage.


Right on target

Another benefit of going online is being able to reach a particular target audience. Everyone leaves a mark online, and this mark tells you not only the demographics of a person, but it tells you exactly the interests, wants and needs of that person. So, imagine talking to millions of people and hoping against hope that your brand is the answer to their needs, compared to talking to hundreds that are interested or looking for exactly what your brand can offer. This is the kind of target market filter that is the dream of every marketing professional – Talk to the people who matter the most.


Instant is key

On the flipside, because going digital is so easy and so convenient, online audiences expect everything to be instant – a quick reply, an order fulfilled immediately, solutions at the click of their finger, etc. Therefore, your edge over your competitors is how fast you are able to cater to your online audience.

This is why Social Media Managers and Virtual Assistants are now the need of every company going digital. We know you can’t be online 24/7 and running your business at the same time. You need those extra pair of hands who can take care of making sure your online audiences are hooked and served immediately.


Going digital or being online has been the topic and the goal of many companies for quite some time now, but with the pandemic coming to play, it is no longer a want but a necessity. With all that is happening in the world and how it is affecting your business, let us be the one to take care of this for your business – 1625 Technologies Inc. is your partner in making your brand stronger online.

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