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About Us

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Expand your business quickly

At 1625Tech, we are your partners and most active supporters as you lead your company towards trailblazing success in your chosen industry. Through our unique client engagement and offshore staffing model, we ensure that your business will get the best team available for your specific requirements, efficiently and quickly. We offer a global workplace and maximized efficiency for your company and your talents, with 1625Tech establishing a full team in the Philippines within just 30 days.

You are in control

Putting the client in control, with 1625Tech in active and dynamic support is our core principle. We begin all partnerships with a deep understanding of your business objectives and needs. 1625Tech will build on this understanding by building an offshore staff to propel your business. Clients will determine salary budgets and incentives, and select their team members from our assembled pool of talents.

A world-class management team

As your active support partner, 1625Tech will handle facilities management, HR, payroll, training, and supervision. We guarantee that your selected team will be 100% committed to you and your business, and not have other clients to serve. Should you be unsatisfied with the team or with certain members that we have built, we will assemble an alternative team to better suit your needs within just 30 days. All talents engaged will be directly employed by 1625Tech and provided with above industry standard benefits. They will be under the guidance of a Business Consultant, ensuring high-level quality and client-relevant output, and continuous learning. At 1625Tech, we are strong believers in the power of strong partnerships and a solid talent base. Let us be your dynamic and active supporters as we jointly propel your business towards success.

Maximize your bottom-line

Offshore staffing can help your business maximize your revenues by significantly lowering costs associated with hiring direct employees 

Let’s Start Working Together!

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